About us

Nordic Connect Group is a company that represents, and assists, international and foreign companies in Norway in a cost effective manner. Our mission is to represent the companies so that they are able to be active players in the Norwegian market, i.e. without necessarily having their own established company in Norway. There may be companies that are about to register in Norway, or want a simpler representation in Norway, through us. We are experts on local market conditions, formalities at the establishment, market research, etc.. We can make contact for foreign companies with potential Norwegian customers, and we are a link with the existing Norwegian customers. Our strength and advantage is that the foreign company can have a Norwegian existence with their own office address, phone and contact persons – still with limited and controlled costs.

We have consultants and advisers in a variety of industries and sectors and conducts consulting and business advisory services to companies wishing to establish themselves in Norway, or through representation scheme would sell their services and products in Norway. Our staff has experience in international business, shipping and finance.

Furthermore, NCG is acting as Norwegian and Scandinavian agent for a number of foreign companies and do also have an active part in several joint-ventures with foreign firms.

If you feel that we can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Sincerely,

Harald Schioldborg Jr.

CEO / Managing Partner

"International Business Representatives"